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The Benefits of Our Business Support Center

How ShelfGenie’s franchisee support helps you win business, retain clients and stay focused on long-term growth

Running a home services business can be a complex task. You have to be skilled at providing your particular services, and you also have to be good at running a business and all that implies — meaning you have to win business, retain clients, manage staff, market your business, plan budgets and attempt to grow — all while focusing on doing an exceptional job for your clients.

One of the key benefits of owning a franchise with a proven brand like ShelfGenie is the franchisee support. At ShelfGenie, franchisees don’t face any of these challenges on their own. Our business model has a built-in virtual assistant with our full-service Business Support Center at our Home Office in Atlanta. The center’s experts handle all those administrative duties so franchisees can spend their energy on providing exceptional work for clients, marketing their growing businesses, building and managing their teams and winning new clients.

When Alan Regala started his ShelfGenie franchise in Seattle in 2011, he wasn’t sure how quickly he could grow his business. He soon realized the demand for ShelfGenie’s services was much higher than he’d ever imagined. The help he got from the Business Support Center was invaluable in helping him achieve his goals.

Quicker ramp-up

“There are multiple reasons I would tell people to look at ShelfGenie as a franchise option, but the Business Support Center is high on the list,” Regala says. “The company itself provides an excellent client experience and a great service, but having the Business Support Center to help schedule jobs and track my clients’ satisfaction has been a tremendous aid to growing my business. The Business Support Center assists in the administrative duties, and with this support in place, ShelfGenie is designed to help franchisees ramp up quickly.”

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Our exceptional franchisee support

By helping our franchisees stay organized, ShelfGenie helps them win business more quickly. ShelfGenie places high value on client satisfaction, so our Business Support Center does everything possible to make sure there are no missed appointments. We call your clients to remind them of your team’s arrival, and we call you and your team to remind you as well. Our Business Support Center manages your team’s personal calendars to ensure that they aren’t overbooked.

ShelfGenie considers the Business Support Center an asset in overall brand building. By maintaining a team of reliable, dependable professionals in a central location, we can be consistent in providing exceptional work that exceeds clients’ expectations and sets us apart from the competition.

As a franchisee, you will interact with your clients at their properties during design and installation. The Business Support Center interfaces with your clients from the moment they seek out ShelfGenie’s services, which allows us to deliver a consistent brand message. It also provides you with peace of mind, knowing that whenever clients call ShelfGenie, they’ll be greeted by an enthusiastic professional who has all our brand resources at their fingertips.

We’re also actively involved in driving clients to your business. While you’re out marketing your business in your community or on a client call, our Business Support Center is there to field other calls and fill in any gaps. Our staff includes trained sales professionals, so you can spend your capital elsewhere.Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.39.12 AM


Because most homes need storage solutions in multiple areas, our Business Support Center team reminds clients to schedule an appointment to have you back. They also reach out to folks you meet at trade shows or while networking. If these leads fail to book on the first phone call, our staff touches base again in a few weeks to emphasize how much their lives could be improved with ShelfGenie’s customized shelving and storage solutions.

Positive client ratings are an essential part of any successful business. After you’ve sent us the before-and-after photos of your client’s living spaces, the Business Support Center emails clients to ask how likely they are to refer ShelfGenie to a friend or family member. Our client satisfaction levels remain high, which is extremely important for driving new business to your franchise. If a client does have a negative experience, our staff will be alerted right away to make sure we do whatever we can to resolve the situation.

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