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How Our Technology Makes It Easy to Run Your Business

Our proprietary dashboard CRM and mobile application provide the tools that allow our customized shelving franchise owners to offer consistent and exceptional service

A 21st-century business owner needs 21st-century tools and technology to be successful. Technology is at the core of ShelfGenie’s proven business model, and the premier customizable shelving solutions franchise has made significant investments into the development of two tools that keep our franchisees prepared, their employees focused on the job at hand and their customers happy and satisfied.

Our WishPortal dashboard CRM was made with the franchisee in mind, and its use makes running a ShelfGenie franchise easy and fun. The WishPortal is a cloud-based platform that is accessible from laptop, desktop and mobile devices. The WishPortal will be your go-to resource for every aspect of your business, whether that is the latest news from our corporate team or the specifics about your next job. The WishPortal makes managing your business a click away at any time of day.

Here are the top five functions that make using the WishPortal essential to your success:

  • Intranet – The WishPortal provides news feeds of the latest and greatest ShelfGenie news. The intranet feature also allows our customized shelving solutions franchisees to receive company documents and other important company information.
  • Dashboard and key performance indicators – The customized dashboard feature allows you to see and manage every aspect of your business at a glance. It has information regarding past, present and future clients, key sales metrics, invoices, payments, schedules of upcoming jobs and what our business support center are up to regarding proposals for leads, close rates and customers who are in need of a follow-up call or email.
  • Sales CRM – This feature is designed to show what sales are coming in, the success of lead generation efforts, the status of quotes and your overall sales statistics.
  • Manage invoicing – This feature captures all of the jobs you are gearing up to work and puts them in a queue for invoicing that is synced up with Quickbooks. This allows your accountant a seamless invoicing tool.
  • Track marketing efforts – Wondering if your marketing dollars are being used correctly? This feature allows you to track the return on investment of every marketing campaign. As a business owner, one of the most important aspects of your job is how and where to market your business, and this feature will enable you to make informed decisions about how to market, as well as provide insight into what works and what does not.

How does the WishPortal help you manage your business?

The customized WishPortal software also enables you to measure your level of profitability and sales against other ShelfGenie franchisees. This feature offers a level of transparency to help you determine where you stand within the ShelfGenie system.

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The WishPortal provides a wealth of data to help you to run an efficient and high-performing customized shelving solutions franchise. The data includes the average sale rate, close rates and the number of key clients that you have.



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