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Why Our Franchisees Love Us

ShelfGenie franchise reviews: Owners tell us what they really think



“In my previous life in the corporate world, I could never say that I actually loved what I did. As you work, you realize you want to find things that are meaningful. You want to look back on your life and say you have made a contribution to people. With ShelfGenie I am able to create things and transform experiences with clients. Getting feedback from clients is so rewarding, from the heart. People can see how much I really love what I do.”

– Joseph Choi, ShelfGenie of British Columbia



“I am very positive about the ShelfGenie business so far, and the future is even brighter. They are increasing territories and the products we are able to offer. They have innovative products to increase the revenue you are able to make. It is an exciting time to be a ShelfGenie franchisee.”

– Andy Pittman, ShelfGenie of Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte


“I have exceeded expectations business-wise. There are multiple reasons I would tell people to look at ShelfGenie as a franchise option. The company itself provides an excellent experience, a great service. The organization is designed to bring people up quickly with great support and great growth.”

– Alan Regala, ShelfGenie of Seattle


“ShelfGenie always has my back. If I have a question about marketing or accounting, they help me. The Business Support Center is phenomenal; it’s like you are a bigger business by having this support.”

Michael Saunders, ShelfGenie of Columbus, OH

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