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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: What a Handyman Needs to Know

Posted Mar 11th, 2020
Handyman installing new kitchen cabinets.

In a recent blog, we discussed the great potential of increasing one’s revenue by adding “handyman” service offerings. Anyone specializing in one aspect of home improvement is used to getting requests for other types of home improvement services. Referring those jobs to certified specialists may be necessary for truly complex work requiring unique training (and specific licensing), but in truth, most professionals can grab extra income by tackling handyman-type services.

One such extra offering is kitchen cabinet refacing. Though it’s something an ambitious do-it-yourself homeowner might be able to do on their own by studying up on it, it may take a long time and be difficult to nuance for a novice. With just a little practice, an enterprising home improvement entrepreneur can be at the ready to do it for a customer quickly and more easily.

What is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

It’s just as it sounds: refacing cabinets. It involves refreshing the exposed frames and doors and drawer fronts with a thin veneer, which may be real wood or plastic laminate, and then replacing knobs, pulls, handles, molding, and hinges.

You can even replace the doors themselves easily. All in all, a refacing project is a face-lift for the kitchen.

How It Makes You More Successful

It’s a no-brainer to sell this extra service.

Perhaps the customer asks you, while you’re working on another type of job in their home, if you know a good cabinet contractor to replace their cabinets. That’s your cue to tell them all the pluses of hiring you to reface them instead:

1. Very Affordable: The cost savings for a homeowner, compared to ripping out and entirely replacing cabinets, are astronomical (about half the cost of replacing). A customer will be happy to pay much less to a handyman (but still a significant amount for your bottom line) to reface what they have—especially when they learn that replacing cabinets is much more expensive than they expected.

2. Painless and Fast: It is a quick and simple job for you, and the kitchen can remain in use during the remodel.

3. It Just Makes Sense: The cabinet boxes themselves in most homes are rock-solid. Replacing or refacing doors and switching to updated hardware is all you really need to do.

4. Environmentally Sound: Since you’re not ripping out entire cabinets (and having to repair drywall in the process), you’re making much less waste.

When considering which handyman-type services to offer, consider that kitchens are a prime area for adding value to the entire home, just by freshening up a bit. So, the demand is always there. Doing some cabinet refacing is a great add-on for extra revenue, as is a franchise of a shelving and organization business, another growth area where a contractor can add a new specialty, not just an extra handyman skill. Storage-related skills add up to a dynamic set of services you can offer that build off one another.

As you expand your offered services, you likely will need help. By building a successful team through smart recruiting, training, and mentoring, you can say “yes” to more and more requests, building revenue exponentially.

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