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What Do Current ShelfGenie Franchise Partners Say?

Posted Aug 23rd, 2019

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching potential franchise businesses to get involved with, it’s likely that most of what you’ve read is in the words of the brand or company itself.

They’ve shared with you their vision, how many locations or franchisees they have, how much it costs to get in, stats charting their growth to date and projections for the future, and much more. And that’s all great, but the brand is just one voice.

Franchise partners can speak to the real results, where the rubber meets the road. That’s why Wes Barefoot, director of franchise development at ShelfGenie Franchise Systems, began deep-dive webinars on YouTube with ShelfGenie franchise partners.

For example, in this installment of the ShelfGenie Franchise Partner Spotlight Videos, Barefoot talked with franchise owner Andy Pittman, who came to ShelfGenie in 2009 as one of its first franchise owners, in North Carolina. Pittman came from a background in the retail appliance business, looking for a business venture that would not require many employees or all of his time to manage. Watch the webinar to learn more about how he has grown to encompass six territories and become involved in the ShelfGenie organization as COO and CEO.

For Pittman, the journey with ShelfGenie has been thoroughly rewarding. Though he’s now a part of the company itself, Pittman still owns franchises and is uniquely qualified to share his insights into the years he was a self-employed franchise partner. In the webinar, he fields questions about details, including specific topics such as installation, logistics and staffing, and more.

Another webinar in the series presents an opportunity to learn from a franchise partner who is relatively new to ShelfGenie, Dave Pazgan, about buying and running a franchise. Pazgan, based in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio, opens up about marketing efforts at trade shows and how his dollars spent have translated to sales. Pazgan discusses training his designers and other inside details of operating a ShelfGenie franchise — Including lessons learned and best practices. But Pazgan and Pittman are just a couple of the many successful franchise partners who share in great detail how they’ve built a thriving business with ShelfGenie.

A notable commonality of these webinars is how the franchise partners talk about the role that ShelfGenie, as a company, has played in their success, touting its resources.

For instance, Michael Saunders, a partner since 2011, says, “I utilize the team. They’ve gotten bigger and better. They’re better at negotiating the contracts than you’ll ever be, especially when you’re looking at national stuff… Now we have a national presence, and we can all get a better price because there’s so many of us doing it.”

Here’s a brief preview, introducing a handful of the franchise partners — including Allan Regala of Seattle; Karen Tran of Edmonton, Canada; and Charlie Rose of Nashville — and what they love about being a part of the home improvement franchise. All are go-getting business operators, succeeding with the help of the established system ShelfGenie has created and continues to develop.

The webinars deliver a helpful forum for entrepreneurs who are interested in ShelfGenie but are also something of an encyclopedia for those who have begun a ShelfGenie operation, who can benefit from the hard-earned wisdom of others. Barefoot spends quality time with the franchise partners, each of whom provides invaluable insight into how they became a franchise partner, grew their business, and in some cases took on roles within the company itself. The videos are well worth watching, because though many commonalities transfer from partner to partner, each has his or her own backstory and arc of success with ShelfGenie.

Check out the webinar series and other enlightening resources on the ShelfGenie Franchise channel on YouTube.

ShelfGenie® is the nation’s leading custom shelving and home improvement solutions franchise, Founded in Richmond, Virginia, in 2000, ShelfGenie has grown to 160 territories in the U.S. and Canada. ShelfGenie is the first and only franchise offering high-impact shelving and home improvement solutions with a purpose: to transform clients lives by designing and implementing custom home solutions that put everything within reach.

ShelfGenie designs, builds and installs Glide-Out™ Shelving Systems. Our innovative shelving is custom-built to retrofit existing cabinets, resulting in perfectly placed shelves that glide in and out with just the touch of your fingers. With our system, cabinets are organized; storage is accessible, efficient and clutter-free. Glide-Out Shelving works in virtually every cabinet and pantry in the home and is beautiful and highly durable. From the kitchen to the bathroom to the garage, ShelfGenie does it all.

ShelfGenie is a home-based business model providing a niche product within a mature industry. We have highly effective tools and resources in place that allow franchisees to focus on scaling their business. Our franchise model allows the owner to focus on marketing and sales while leveraging designers, installers, and our centralized Business Support Center to handle most day-to-day activities of the business.

For more information on how you can get started, fill out the form to request our Franchise Brochure and we will reach out to you directly. If you want to book a time to speak with Wes Barefoot directly, click here.

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