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As a ShelfGenie Partner Would I Own My Territory Exclusively?

Posted Oct 5th, 2018

We award protected territories to all new ShelfGenie franchise partners! What does that mean? That’s a good question! It means once a territory is purchased, we will not sell even a portion of the territory to anyone else.

What is a territory?

ShelfGenie territories are based on a number of households in a defined zip code(s) and typically contain a minimum of 250,000 households.

Can a partner own more than one territory?

The ShelfGenie business is a “designed to scale” model that has proven to be effective – it’s an executive model where the role of the owner is to work ON the business, not IN it. Due to this structure, and its low overhead nature, most franchise partners own multiple territories. It is very common for a new Franchise partner to start with two, three or more territories. As their business continues to grow, those owners have been known to add territories to ramp up their venture…and profit potential!

How do Partners keep overhead low?

Part of the ShelfGenie business model is that there is no Brick and Mortar store attached to the franchise. It is designed to be a low cost, home-based business. The lack of real estate keeps the upfront investment, as well as ongoing operating expenses, lower.

Additionally, there is no inventory or special equipment. Each solution provided to a client is custom-made to their needs. Franchise partners typically take a 50% deposit from clients prior to placing an order to our manufacturing facility, then collect final payment at the time of installation.  This means there are really no Accounts Receivables to worry about and helps with cash flow.

What about staff employees?

As a ShelfGenie franchise partner, you will not have full-time employees. As a partner, your team consists of two types of specialists: Designers and Installers.  We recommend a 1099 Contractor approach to recruiting your team, which means our franchise partners do not have salaried or hourly employees.   Instead, they compensate their Designers and Installers by paying a commission on each job with which they’re involved, which is typically a percentage of each job they help complete.

Being a ShelfGenie Partner means being a part of a bigger team

ShelfGenie operates in cities/areas that can be large enough to support multiple ShelfGenie franchise territories. Creating protected territories creates a sense of collaboration among franchise partners who operate in close proximity to each other, instead of feeling as though they’re constantly competing. These little wooden boxes create proven success, especially when we embrace the larger team and all other franchise partners.

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