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ShelfGenie Featured in Viral Content about Communication in the Workplace

Posted Jul 9th, 2018

Major media sources like AP News, ABC News, and The Washington Post have featured ShelfGenie CEO Andy Pittman in various articles covering the topic of communication in the workplace.

How Boomers talk with and work with millennials is a hot topic. “Small business owners can sometimes be perplexed or annoyed by younger staffers, whom they see as demanding or entitled in asking for time off or to know when they’ll get a promotion,” writes AP News. “But owners who take time to understand, train and mentor staffers say younger workers bring perspectives that can help a company, and that lumping an entire age group into a stereotype is detrimental to everyone.” At ShelfGenie, Andy Pittman handles cross-generation communication expertly.

“Andy Pittman’s solution is to listen, negotiate and appreciate,” writes AP News. “‘They definitely have a different perspective on life than boomers. They like beer at work on Friday afternoon. They collaborate with each other in a group format a lot. It’s a more relaxed attitude,” Pittman is quoted. “Pittman does ‘see a little bit more of the entitlement attitude’ among younger employees, but he also sees hard workers. So he’s willing to negotiate on things like time off; some of his staffers would rather have more paid vacation than raises.”

But the mentions don’t stop there. Pittman has also been featured in articles published by KTAR News, The Columbian, and The Chronicle Herald. Read the full stories to learn about inter-generational communication in the workplace.

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