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What Services Should Remodeling Businesses Offer to Guarantee Profitability?

Posted Mar 2nd, 2020
Tile installer in blue pants, installing white tile on the floor.

Entrepreneurs who specialize in specific home-improvement services are familiar with frequent questions from customers asking them to perform other services they may need — help with a variety of handyman services.

While remaining focused on one’s specialty is always important, it’s tough to turn down extra revenue. Certain job requests require a referral to another specialist, but referring might mean losing the customer for future business. Positioning oneself as a go-to for handyman items helps maintain a connection with customers and adds incremental profit.

Don’t Do It All — Just More

The notion of becoming a “handyman” may be daunting for those who assume they should be able to do everything — a jack of all trades. That assumption is not accurate.

For instance, you don’t have to feel compelled to add full-on specialties, particularly those requiring extensive training and licensure, such as electrical or plumbing work. Keep referring those, unless you decide to train yourself to add them.

And be sure not to take on any work that requires a contractor’s license unless you have one; check the laws in your state. Usually, each state puts a financial limit on jobs — and types of jobs — that do not require a contractor’s license, so you’ll want to just add smaller jobs.

A Notch Above DIY

Plenty of simpler handyman-type services can add revenue to your bottom line. The following are a few ideas for incorporating additional offerings to grow your home-improvement or remodeling business.

The common trait of these add-ons is that they require some experience but not a lot — just more experience than a homeowner weighing the option of doing it themselves versus paying a full-on contractor. Find that sweet spot in the middle. You’ll save the customer tons of time and money — while making some yourself.

Tile Installation

This is one of those services that a homeowner may need on an ad hoc basis, not as part of a larger renovation. It’s a real pain for the homeowner to do on their own. As tempting as it may be for them to go that route, it can be incredibly time-consuming for someone who hasn’t done it before, and it’s difficult to get right.

It goes more quickly when done by someone with just a little experience, and that could be you. Learn a little bit about tile installation and include it as one of your offerings. Maybe that customer who hired you for something else six months ago will give you a buzz to re-tile their bathroom.


As with tile installation, most homeowners, at some point, have damage to drywall. It seems like an easy-as-pie do-it-yourself fix for the layman, but getting it back to perfect and smooth is no simple trick for the inexperienced. Let your customers know they can call you for these jobs.

Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades and Repairs

Even without offering licensed plumbing services, you can see a good bit of business in this area. Kitchens and bathrooms are the best spots where homeowners can add value to a home in a one-room renovation, especially when they need to spruce up these areas when trying to sell the home.

Similarly, residents who just bought a home with an outdated master bath or kitchen will want to give it a fresh look and feel.

Door and Window Repair and Installation

Here’s another part of the home that often requires replacement or repair, even though the rest of the house needs no renovation. Sadly, most windows inevitably break or leak. Whether it’s cosmetic or to improve efficiency, a simple way to help improve a home is with fresh windows.

Shelving and Organization

People have a lot of stuff these days. Maximizing storage efficiency is a great upgrade both for homeowners seeking to improve their current home sweet home to live in for many more years or for resale.

Closets, cabinets, and pantries-can all be improved in ways that literally transform the homeowners’ lives by adding space and efficiency.

It’s not necessary to be a master carpenter to offer these services. One way of really adding a major revenue stream is to own, in addition to your professional remodeling specialty, a franchise of a shelving and organization business, which has all the systems and installation (product and service) down to a science. In fact, this is one area in which you can truly add another specialty, not just an extra handyman skill, that drives a whole new side of your business.

Just by adding a handful of extra services and products to your remodeling business, you’ll see a worthwhile uptick in business — not just in each isolated job but with repeat business and referrals.

ShelfGenie Business Model and Support

We have highly effective tools and resources in place that allow franchisees to focus on scaling their business. Our franchise model allows the owner to focus on marketing and sales while leveraging designers, installers, and our centralized support center to handle most day-to-day activities of the business.

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