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Hidden Corners: Build a Niche Business by Improving Organization and Accessibility

Posted Oct 17th, 2018

Organization and accessibility make for a smooth-functioning household, whether you’re an on-the-go millennial couple in an urban condo, a mid-40’s suburban couple with active teenage children, or boomer retirees who’ve downsized from a sprawling McMansion to a nice, neat, ranch-style home.

ShelfGenie, the nation’s leading custom shelving, and home improvement solutions franchise, helps organization reign over clutter.   Our franchise partners eliminate the chaos that comes from having too many things scattered around the kitchen – and not enough space, or the right scheme, for storing and accessing them.

In fact, as homeowners of all ages across the country have flocked to ShelfGenie’s custom fit solutions, our company has turned this simple but powerful concept into a thriving franchise business, an economic engine driving the livelihoods of dozens of franchise partners from coast to coast!

We have been devoted to developing creative single, double, and triple pullout-shelving solutions since ShelfGenie’s inception in the early 2000s. Our business matured through the housing crisis as American homeowners wisely found ways to improve everyday life with organization solutions, to make their existing homes more livable, when the housing market obviously was at its worst.   It truly is amazing how a little wooden box can change your life.

And as the post-recession U.S. housing market grew into one of the fastest-growing in history, homeowners wanting to sell turned to ShelfGenie as a way of simply – but dramatically – increasing their property value.  When a homeowner installs one of ShelfGenie’s customized solutions into kitchen cabinets, a kitchen island, a broom closet, a walk-in pantry or a craft room, it can significantly increase the value of the home.

Kitchen renovations are among the most popular home-remodeling projects, according to the research department of the National Association of Realtors, and among those that bring the highest financial return in resale on every dollar spent by the homeowner. There’s a reason that real-estate agents call the kitchen “the money room”!

That’s not to mention the immense improvement in orderliness and functionality in a house where the homeowner has installed ShelfGenie custom shelving.

In the kitchen, installing ShelfGenie can create a sort of personal command center, making it much easier to store and access snacks, household essentials, school supplies and accessories, cleaning supplies, kitchen staples such as pots and pans – you name it.

No matter a homeowner’s stage in life, ShelfGenie can provide the kind of convenience that they demand.  De-cluttering a small kitchen can be a huge time- and convenience-saver for busy millennials. ShelfGenie can help moms and dads from going crazy as they try to keep their kitchen organized in the midst of child-raising. And for baby boomers and older retirees, ShelfGenie can be a key for keeping everything within reach as they age.

Consider the impact of just one of ShelfGenie’s niftiest innovations: the blind-corner Glide-Out. This shelving solution maximizes the storage space in the hidden corner of a kitchen cabinet, the place where perfectly functioning and very expensive – but seldom used – small appliances go to gather dust.  That is until the chef of the house needs a Bundt pan. Or someone who does a little cooking finally has to drag out that long-neglected mixer to make a birthday cake. Our team developed the blind-corner shelves to maximize the storage space in the hidden corner of a kitchen cabinet.

While competitors dismissed this unimpressive bit of real estate, ShelfGenie recognized its potential and turned it into one of our most popular features for our customers.

So, as Americans spend the more than $340 billion on value-adding home improvements through March of 2019, according to a Harvard University estimate, rest assured they’ll be spending a lot of on the phenomenal organization and accessibility ShelfGenie offers via customized shelving solutions.

This specific focus on a powerful, niche-based solution for customers of all ages has turned ShelfGenie into a “designed to scale” franchise perfect for business builders.  Are you interested in learning more?  Download the free franchise information report here.

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