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What Makes Aspiring Entrepreneurs a Fit for the New ‘Owner/Operator’ ShelfGenie Model?

Posted May 20th, 2019

Over the past 12 years, we have built ShelfGenie’s success with a business model that relies on franchise partners. Our franchise partners have helped us put “everything within reach” across multiple franchise territories in metro markets made up of hundreds and even thousands of customers. This approach has made us one of the most dynamic home-improvement franchise systems in the country.

ShelfGenie Owner Operator kneels while installing a glide-out shelf in a kitchen

But we are constantly working on ways to improve the ShelfGenie brand and franchise system to better serve our franchise partners, employees and customers. So, we have devised an additional business model that we’re rolling out this spring — one that we believe will both help us build the ShelfGenie enterprise as a whole and provide partnership opportunities to potential franchise partners where they didn’t exist before.

We’re calling our new and additional approach the Owner/Operator model. It is aimed at creating a ShelfGenie presence in parts of the country that aren’t densely populated enough to support the target metro markets. These markets, with 250,000+ households, are where we have typically employed our traditional model. This new model includes small cities and rural areas where American homeowners would love to be able to have access to ShelfGenie’s franchise partners’ convenient storage solutions — but where they don’t currently have the option to do so!

To take advantage of the new Owner/Operator opportunity, we are seeking enterprising franchise partners who can function as a sort of one-man-band entity and handle a single geographic territory, doing his or her own sales, designing and installations. These franchise partners should be able to earn a comfortable living as an independent entrepreneur, representing one of the top-rated brands in the home-improvement business.

What sorts of individuals do we believe would make good ShelfGenie Owner/Operators?

A woman squats next to a kitchen cabinet to measure the width with a tape measure

This opportunity could be great for someone who would like to get out of the grind of working for someone else and enjoy the freedom of being his or her own employer. The Owner/Operator opportunity also could be an excellent way to build a supplemental income source, especially for someone like a firefighter or a nurse who can string together a few “days off” to work on their ShelfGenie business.

An ideal Owner/Operator candidate would be someone who already has his or her own “handyman” business and is looking for a complementary stream of revenue, providing additional home improvement services under the name of a nationally recognized brand.

Another promising demographic for the Owner/Operator model is a couple who might want to divide the duties between two members of a household. A husband, for instance, might want to handle installations; a wife might want to be in charge of design, and they could split the sales and community-networking functions.

But it’s important to note that an Owner/Operator won’t necessarily be required to have experience in building or installing cabinets. While this part of the job may seem daunting to some who aren’t “handy,” rest assured that you won’t be left to your own devices. All new ShelfGenie franchise owners — including our traditional franchise partners, who own multiple models and never handle installations in the field — complete an installation training and certification program.

Anyone who’s got the slightest familiarity with basic tools can learn how to install our systems. And we require this training for three reasons: so that all new franchise partners can “get started” by installing ShelfGenie systems for their first customers while they assemble a team of installers and designers; so that every ShelfGenie partner can grasp the simplicity and elegance of our storage solutions and become better designers in the process; and so that every ShelfGenie franchise partner can install his or her systems in a pinch.

The other major responsibility for our new Owner/Operator franchise partners will be to conduct in-home consultations and design solutions for clients based on their specific situations and needs. Our new partners must be able to build and share our value proposition with the customer for our ShelfGenie systems to close the sale.

This second task may actually be more challenging for many people than learning the installation process. It requires someone who can at least feel comfortable meeting with potential customers in their homes and, ideally, someone who has had comparable experience in a sales setting. Mastering our “consultative” approach to sales will be important to their success in converting opportunities and presentations into contracts. This is an unproven new model for ShelfGenie. But our research has shown that the Owner/Operator model is an approach that works for many other home-service franchises. And we also know that if we apply the same determination and ingenuity that ShelfGenie has shown throughout the years and across our business, we will add tremendous value to the brand as a whole with our new Owner/Operators as well.

If you are interested in learning more about ShelfGenie franchise opportunities simply fill out our Franchise Information Request and someone from our Franchise Development team will be in touch with you shortly. Now is the time to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

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