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Can I Add ShelfGenie To My Existing Franchise Business?

Over the last 12 years, we have built a successful brand with ShelfGenie by relying on our concept for putting “everything within reach” in American

How to Make the Most of Home Shows

If you do it right, prospecting at home shows is like shooting fish in a barrel. There is no place in the sales and marketing

What Makes Aspiring Entrepreneurs a Fit for the Scalable, Enterprising ShelfGenie Model?

For ShelfGenie franchise partners, success has always been about proven leaders harnessing their business-development skills and people-management abilities to scale up their enterprises and service

How Do I Build Toward Scalability with ShelfGenie?

You can provide the passion, the motivation, the business smarts and the money to get your ShelfGenie franchise off the ground. After that, the way

Hidden Corners: Build a Niche Business by Improving Organization and Accessibility

Organization and accessibility make for a smooth-functioning household, whether you’re an on-the-go millennial couple in an urban condo, a mid-40’s suburban couple with active teenage

Do I Need Design or Installation Experience to Succeed as a ShelfGenie Owner?

Success with ShelfGenie does not mean you need to have a degree in Interior Design, or any kind of installation or construction experience. In fact,

How we help you win clients

ShelfGenie works hard to win clients for your business We’ve got the concept, the experience and the blueprint for success — all the pieces you