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5 Ways for Remodeling Businesses to Attract New Customers

Posted Feb 12th, 2020

It’s a big world out there, and within it is your particular market. Within that finite area, new customers are there for the taking. But how do you get them?

All kinds of methods exist that can help expand your network of new customers for your remodeling business, from social media marketing, to networking with related businesses, to engaging lead-generation services, to many more.

If you’re looking for ways to attract new clients for your handyman business, here are a few ideas we suggest as you research.

1. Offer Unique Services

Doing something relatively special and doing it well will take your business far; this simple piece of the puzzle should be the core of your efforts to get more customers.

Let’s use ShelfGenie as an example, because it’s one we’re familiar with. Custom glide-out shelves are a show-stopper to many homeowners who are remodeling. They can transform an ordinary kitchen into being far more useful. It’s a truly a special product and service.

Franchisees of ShelfGenie are able to score big goodwill points with customers by efficiently installing glide-out shelving in kitchen remodels. It’s a time-tested system providing customers an impressive upgrade.

The result? Customers recommend you to their friends and family, raving about how improved their kitchen is now. And it’s likely that a number of people in each customer’s network will want to remodel their kitchens in the next few years.

Doing special work and doing it well forge the clearest path to new customers.

2. Offer More Services

This may sound contradictory after what we just discussed about offering a unique service, but it’s not. You still need to be unique, but you can add to that with other pieces of business.

If you typically specialize in one type of remodeling service, you can attract new customers by expanding your menu. Most likely, you get questions from existing clients all the time anyway, asking if you also offer other services they need.

These questions are opportunities not only for more business from those particular customers but from their friends and associates by word of mouth. The more services you offer, the more revenue you can attain, and the bigger your reach becomes.

3. Marketing is Essential

Word of mouth is wonderful, and marketing can sound like an extra expense to steer clear of, but make no mistake: marketing is critical to growing a handyman business. Consider this one as basic and necessary as doing the job well in the first place.

If you want to have a highly profitable and thriving handyman business, you must spend some time and money marketing your business. Whether it’s social media, paper door hangers on the doorknobs of carefully selected homes, or advertising in local magazines, spend time figuring out where your dollars are most effective.

This is a component of operation that a franchise system can help facilitate, using market research and experience.

4. Track and Act on Leads

Don’t get so bogged down in the literal nuts and bolts of your remodeling work that you aren’t exploiting leads for incremental growth. Operators who are part of a franchise system have a major leg up in this area, as the brand takes certain things off the owner’s plate.

ShelfGenie has a call center that processes all inbound leads or inquiries on behalf of franchise owners. For example, if you are a franchise owner and put out advertising that generated 10 leads, and out of those leads, seven of them turned into appointments, lead-tracking allows you to measure your cost per appointment. This leads to the math that tells you whether certain marketing efforts are fruitful or not.

Marketing is not as useful without the ability to respond to leads and turn them into new business, and a good franchisor assists in this area.

5. Be Honest

This one brings us full-circle back to word of mouth, which won’t happen unless you deal honestly. Don’t be the handyman who scribbles a pie-in-the-sky cheap estimate just to land a job, then nickels and dimes the customer into a final bill that’s far more costly.

If the customer wants work performed that’s not feasible or unwise in light of better alternatives that may net you a smaller payday, be honest and advise them with candor.

When people look for a handyman and begin asking friends for recommendations, they’re not really just looking for someone competent at the particular job. They want someone they can trust.

ShelfGenie Business Model and Support

We have highly effective tools and resources in place that allow franchisees to focus on scaling their business. Our franchise model allows the owner to focus on marketing and sales while leveraging designers, installers, and our centralized Business Support Center to handle most day-to-day activities of the business.

To learn more about ShelfGenie franchise opportunities, simply download our Franchise Information Report and someone from our Franchise Development team will be in touch with you shortly. Now is the time to take advantage of ShelfGenie’s one-of-a-kind support to start your business and hit the ground running!

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